How to get there

From argentina

At the east side of the park, these are the nearest town.

  • Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz Province.
  • Los Antiguos, Santa Cruz Province.


It can be reached by plane from Argentina, the airport with the best access is Comodoro Rivadavia, in the province of Chubut. Several flights land there from Bs. As and other cities in Argentina. Then from Comodoro Rivadavia there are daily bus services to Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos. There is also the option of private transportation.

option 1

From Comodoro Rivadavia to Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos there are two routes, with a distance between 440 and 500 km, depending on the chosen route. One of the roads is traveling through the province of Chubut, trough Ruta Nacional 26 and then Ruta Nacional 40. The distance between Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos is 57 km.

option 3

From El Calafate airport, also located in the province of Santa Cruz and located 727 km (452 miles) south of Perito Moreno on Ruta Nacional 40.

option 2

From Esquel airport, located in the province of Chubut and located 44 km (338 miles) north of Perito Moreno on Ruta Nacional 4.


  1. Jeinimeni Bording crossing (it connect Chile Chico/ Los Antiguos)
  2. Roballos Bording crossing (it connect Perito Moreno / Cochrane)

from chile

Balmaceda main Airport

Strategic place to access the Patagonia National Park. A short distance from the Huemules/Chile/Argentina border crossing.

We can manage charter flights or private transfers to access.

to access chile chico / jenimeni

Option 1

Private ground transportation from Balmaceda airport to ChileChico.

About 4 hours (paved + dirt road), boarding crossing Chile/Argentina/Chile.

Option 2

Private ground transfer, driving about 1.2 hours paved road. Then we have to take a ferry across General Carrera Lake 2.5 hours to get Chile chico.

Is important to make a reservation with the ferry company, to schedule the itinerary across the lake.

Total trip time: 3 hours and 50 min.


Option 1

Private transfer Can be coordinate from Balmaceda airport by the Carretera Austral Road. There are daily flights from Santiago to Balmaceda, via Sky Airlines and Latam Airlines, and we recommend to take the first flight because of the road trip from Balmaceda to the park takes about 6 hours.

To go to Patagonia National Park by bus, you can take a transfer from Balmaceda Airport going to Coyhaique. We recommend you to stay a night in Coyhaique, due to the time schedule of the buses. The bus stop to get off at EL CRUCE ENTRADA BAKER.

Make sure you inform your destination to the bus driver. The bus ride takes 7 hours including views of the Baker River and the surrounding mountains.

Option 2

From Balmaceda, you can take a charter flight of about 45 minutes to Cochrane, where we will pick you up and take you to your lodge by van in a 25 minutes trip.The Balmaceda/Cochrane flight will operate from October 3,2022 to April 17,2023, with departures and arrivals every Monday, Thursday and Friday at predeterminate times. Travelers can bring a soft suitcase weighing a maximum of 20 kilos and a maximum of 5 kilos in carry-on luggage. The flight price per person (one way) starts at USD 990.

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