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explora lodge

Passengers can stay in the premises of our Lodge, which is part of the administration of the Patagonia National Park.
Our Lodge was built by the Tompkins Foundation and is located in the Chacabuco Valley sector. It was designed to reduce interference with the natural environment as much as possible. The construction is based on iconic National Parks structures worldwide and on traditional ranches in Patagonia.

As for the rooms, we have two models, standard (8 rooms) and Suite (2 rooms).

the lodge


The gastronomic proposal of our Explora Lodge is designed by Pablo Jesus Rivero, who owns the ^Don Julio^ restaurant, chosen as the tenth best restaurant in Latin America according to the Worlds 50 Restaurants 2021 ranking, along with Guido Tassi, chef advisor to ^Don Julio^.
Its cuisine uses fresh and local products., from small producers in the area. Within its gastronomy, the Gaucho culture stand out in an area of ranches, such as the rite of roasting in a good fire.

The restaurant is open to visitors who are not staying at Explora Lodge.


Our excursions provide an in-depht experience of this southern territory, for which we have outlined six different exploration zones., each with its own set of unique geographic, cultural and biosphere characteristics.
Each excursion has been designed to gradually reveal the essence of the territory to be discovered. Whether on foot, on horseback, by bicycle, overland, mountain, among others.

***on foot, horseback, bicycle, overland, mountain, etc***


With an intimate atmosphere, our Lodge in Patagonia National Park is a strategic center to explore this vas territory and its natural wonders.
Located a few kilometers from the Northern Ice Fields and surrounded by spectacular rivers and lakes, this Patagonian destination opens the doors to a magnificent, but still little explored area.
For your transfer between the Balmaceda airport and the Patagonia National Park we have a private flight of approximately 45 minutes.


From the Balmaceda airport to the lodge, travellers will be received at the airport until 9”30 am for the transfer


From the lodge to the Balmaceda airport there is a shuttle service at 8,00 am which is free from the lodge to the airport (you most bearing mind that the journey is approximately 6 hours)


We only cover in our transfers (regular* or private**) flights at Balmaceda airport leaving from 4,30 p.m. to leave the region. If you have another pick-up or drop-off point, please contact our reservation team travel@greyfoxoutdoor.com

*exclusive for programs with transportation included
**Private subject to availability

Another means of transportation

It can also be reached by land, the journey between the Balmaceda airport and the Patagonia National Park lasts 6 hours.
The road is mostly gravel and forms part of the unique Carretera Austral, traveling through the characteristic Patagonian landscape with steppes, forests, rivers and imposing mountains.


From Chile

All visitors have to take a trip to Santiago, and then take a flight to Balmaceda.
Sky and Latam Airlines offer daily flights to Balmaceda, which is located 55km. south of Coyhaique.
In case you arrival time does not coincide with our transfers, we recommend you stay one night in Coyhaique and coordinate with us your pick-up for the next day.
Explora offers transportation options to our blog. For more information, please contact our reservation team travel@greyfoxoutdoor.com

From Argentina

The airport with the best access is Comodoro Rivadavia, in the province of Chubut. Several daily flights from Buenos Aires and other Argentine cities land there. Then from Comodoro Rivadavia there are daily bus services to Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos.

Other airports in the region that are also close to Patagonia Park are Esquel airport, located 544 km north of Perito Moreno on national route #40. There is another airport in Calafate ( named the same way Calafate), it is located in the province of Santa Cruz and located 727 km south of Perito Moreno on National Route #40.