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Our operation is located in the south end of the Patagonian Andes – right on Ultima Esperanza’s opening to the Pacific Ocean. From here we have access to flat and typical Patagonian meandering Spring creeks and medium-size grasshopper type of water. Some of them are no more than 4 feet wide, and it’s possible to find any size of fish there. Mountain rivers are also in the menu. They are very interesting for those that like to hike and get to see water that not many people have fished. We have also a number of mid-size or bigger rivers. We like to fish these when the browns start to swim up river and they get ready
for spawning season. 

Lakes and lagoons are available, and they are fun to float on an inflatable cataraft (two anglers, one guide). We fish them from the boat casting to the shore or drop-offs in search for those big browns. In general terms our watershed has two classifications. Most of what we fish are resident brown trout. They are happy and hungry during the months of November through April. Then if you stop a minute and take a good look at the map, you’ll see our rivers are connected to lakes and the ocean. We have healthy and strong fish moving back and forth using the streams as their highway. The best time to find SEA RUN BROWNS* OR LAKE RUN BROWNS *starts the second week of February, but March and April are the best months. (*This type of fishing needs a particular conditions to make it happens, please contact Us direct and we lead you with the best recommendation)

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  • Day trips and all inclusive packages.(3 to 7nights).
  • One bilingual professional guide for every two anglers.
  • Most of the water we fish is PRIVATE ACCESS.
  • Primary fish are RESIDENT BROWN TROUT.
  • Wade trips and float trips are available.
  • Lunches are included and served on the river side.

A regular day of fishing starts at 9:00 AM with return to the hotel around 8:00 PM. If you are willing to stay longer on the water, please do – we enjoy staying longer on the water with you.

In about a one hour’s drive from Remota Hotel we have access to more than 6 different spectacular SPRING CREEKS. These are all wading opportunities and we take all lunches and equipment with us to spend the full day in the area. Because these water options are so close together, we can move from one creek to another, so as to give you a touch of diversity on your trip.

We are very concerned about this type of water. Our SPRING CREEKS are some of the most unique trout waters in all of Patagonia.

If you have never fly fished a lake in Patagonia, our recommendation is YOU HAVE TO TRY AT LEAST ONCE TO KNOW WHAT IT IS. “You might get addicted to it.”

On our inflatable cataraft we can take 2 anglers at a time. We fish lakes and lagoons around the area. This is an experience. Fish in these waters can range from 3 to 10 pounds, so when you hook one, you know it is going to be a good fish. The technique we use in most in these cases is to float downstream. We select a bay or a section and we move along it, and angler cast to drop-offs, trees, shelters, foam lines, etc.

We have a couple of main rivers in the area that we select during your stay with us. They are typically 20 to 40 feet wide, mountain and spring water fed, with well-marked pools and riffles.

We definitely suggest fishing these rivers, as they are connected straight to the ocean and it can be a surprise on every trip.

We have resident brown trout and as the season goes on, especially starting in mid-February until mid-April we find SEA RUN BROWNS that are waiting for you.

why fish with us

  • Diversity of fishable water.
  • We have available more than 60 miles of fishable water, mostly Spring creeks.
  • You will find the biggest number of spring creeks around.
  • Wadding trips and float trips
  • Professional bilingual guides
  • Our fishing is ready to test by any angler skills
  • Our backyard is around the 8th wonder of the world, Torres del Paine National park.
  • Fish around Us and still can feel being the only one in the water.
  • We organized your fishing itinerary according on the time of the season and the weather conditions.
  • Beside our fishing program we have a great selection of outdoor excursions. Family best choice.

program includes

Programs include transfers, accommodations, breakfast, snacks, appetizers, lunch, dinner, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, house wines, daily excursions lead by a bi-lingual guide (Spanish- English), use of spa, heated swimming pool and hot tubs. Fly fishing programs are one guide for every two fisherman and include transportation to and from fishing sites. 

not included

Fly fishing programs do not include Fly-fishing gear (rods, reels, lines and leaders, flies, waders and others). Fishing license.